Essential oils and other wellness products from the company I am associated with are sold exclusively through Wellness Advocates. We are people who work with, but are independent of the company. Wellness Advocates stand for natural health and wellness and for ALL people to find relief for many health conditions.

Wellness Advocates are independent consultants who work from home (or the road) and introduce people to the power of essential oils through free educational classes and do it yourselves (DIY) classes. Most Wellness Advocates choose to do this as a home based business and receive commissions from sales while others earn a higher income by building a team.

-- Purchase products at wholesale price, which is 25% off retail
-- Earn FREE product by participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program
-- FREE personal website that you can refer others to purchase oils from you
-- Receive bonuses from referring new Wellness Advocates to your team
-- Chances to receive Products for FREE through promotions
-- Team Support, Assistance and Education

Essential oils are the Gift of the Earth in so many ways. They ground us emotionally and mentally and support us physically. Being involved in promoting these amazing oils can also support us financially which is why I am so grateful to partake in all of the benefits. I chose the company I am involved with because I loved the products and the benefits they gave to me.

There seems to be a 21 day period of people experiencing the oils and supplements and asking: “How do I share these? We cannot wait to share these amazing oils with those we love."

Last year alone people spent over $550 billion dollars on wellness products, signaling a Wellness Revolution. People are simply tired of paying crazy amounts for healthcare. Essential Oils are well poised to capture this growing wellness trend by providing safe and effective self-care products at reasonable prices.

Promoting and sharing essential oils can truly give your finances a little lift, extra breathing room, or a complete financial makeover. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is looking to make money while helping others. Essential Oils and other wellness products sell themselves and you just have to share and let people experience them!

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want -- Zig Ziglar

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