Rosemary & Spearmint SoapDIY ROSEMARY and SPEARMINT SOAP

Why make your own soap? Homemade soaps are often gentler on the skin, more affordable than the natural handmade soaps you find at specialty boutique stores, and can be made with scents tailored exactly to your liking! Most soaps start with a glycerin base, which can be customized with flowers, fruits, herbs, and essential oils. These natural ingredients affect the color, fragrance, and texture of the soap: think poppy seeds for exfoliating properties, lavender for a soothing scent or Shea butter for a silky-smooth finish. Make your soap in any shape you can imagine using custom molds or by simply use a pan or baking dish. Make a batch for family and friends -- they make great personalized gifts.

Servings: 12 bars - Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 2 mins - Difficulty: Easy

1) Olive oil melt-and-pour soap base
2) Silicone mold
3) 15 drops Spearmint essential oil
4) 15 drops Rosemary essential oil
5) Optional: dried herbs

Although these images show fresh herbs in the soap, I recommend only using dried herbs. The fresh herbs turn the soap brown after a few days.

Rosemary & Spearmint Soap

1) Cut off the amount of soap base you want to use and place it into a microwave safe glass bowl

2) Melt the soap into liquid form in increments of 30 seconds

Rosemary & Spearmint Soap
3) Add a handful of dried herbs to the soap mold
4) Add Spearmint and Rosemary essential oils into glass bowl

Rosemary & Spearmint Soap
5) Mix together and pour into molds
6) Let it sit for an hour
7) Remove the soap from the mold

Use within 3 months. Enjoy!

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