Essential Oils for HairESSENTIAL OILS for HAIR
Essential oils have long been ingredients in hair care. You'll often find Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and Tea Tree in shampoos and conditioners, and for good reason — these oils can positively support the health of the scalp and hair follicles. Which may be the best oils for you?

Essential oils act as "active ingredients" in your formulas. Choose one or more and add them at the recommended concentrations to your carrier oil(s). Massage your blend into the scalp daily. Some recommend wrapping the scalp with a warm, moist towel afterward to open the pores and enhance absorption. This can be done before bed, and you may want to use a cover for your bedding to provide protection from the oils. Essential oils can also be added to your current shampoos and conditioners.

Dry Hair: 1-2 drops coconut oil with 1-2 drops Geranium or Lavender

Oily Hair: 1-2 drops Cypress, Basil, or Lemon on tips of hair only

Fragile Hair: 1-2 drops of Clary Sage

Dandruff: (Massage into scalp nightly) 1 tsp coconut oil, 4 drops Lemon, 4 drops Lavender, 4 drops Melaleuca and 4 drops Rosemary


1 oz. Coconut Oil
3 drops Clary Sage
2 drops White Fir
1 drop Rosemary

Gently mix and massage some of the mixture into your scalp daily. Leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight then shampoo as usual.


3 drops Rosemary
5 drops Lavender
3 drops Thyme
2 drops Cypress

Put on scalp after washing hair with special attention to problem areas. Let it set for at least 5 min. (Can blend with your current conditioner)


1 oz. Coconut Oil
3 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops White Fir

Combine oils together and use your hands to massage the oil blend into your scalp at bedtime. Leave the blend overnight and wash hair in the morning. For faster results, Add 25 drops of Rosemary and 25 drops of Lavender to your shampoo and conditioner.

Hair growth can be a slow process. Significant results and growth usually occur in 3 months, but improvement and hair growth can occur in as little as 14 days.

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