Essential Oil Perfume for Immune SupportEssential Oil Perfume for Immune SupportĀ 
This is a perfume blend that also supports your immune health. Lavender, Wild Orange, and Ginger are all essential oils that you can trust to help your body stay protected against seasonal threats.

.35 oz (10 ml) Vanilla-infused jojoba

2 drops Lavender

3 drops Wild Orange

1 drop Ginger

Make your blend in a .35 oz (10 ml) glass roll-on bottle and use it a few times throughout the day. Essential oil perfumes need to be applied a little more often than synthetic perfumes.

You can also keep your environment cleansed by diffusing essential oils in the air. Do you get nervous when friends or co-workers have a sneezing fit? Diffuse one or more of the powerful, yet pleasant smelling oils into your space.

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