Co-Impact Sourcing

What is Co-Impact Sourcing?
Co-impact sourcing is what makes our company unique. It means that sourcing impacts both the farmers and the users. It means that we guarantees a fair price to the farmers in exchange for a higher quality product, which in turn makes the essential oils be of the highest quality. It ensures that they will be able to maintain the medicinal quality of the oils while helping the world for the good in the process.

Essential Oils have a profound impact on our health and wellness but the impact of how and where they are sourced, goes beyond a drop of oil. First, they search the globe to find the best plant material, harvested and distilled for oil potency and quality. Many of the essential oils come from countries facing economic and environmental challenges, like Guatemala, Haiti, and Somalia. Through this, they are creating jobs and providing income in countries where there it is much needed, developing long-term relationships with artisans and distillers around the world. They work with trust-worthy, long-term buyers and they in turn, can invest in quality equipment and employees and keep a stable price and a stable product. The growers organize themselves in to cooperatives and work together and receive fair and on-time payments throughout the year.

Financing has been provided for hospitals, schools, water projects and more to improve the community and empower growers, families and communities now and in the future. This provides hope to many families and ensures the long-term supply of the best plant materials to consistently deliver the highest quality product. By using quality essential oils you are impacting many more lives than your own.

Of the sources of 100 essential oils from 26 countries from around the world, 18 are considered developing countries. Before co-impact sourcing, many of them were subject to middle-men who gave them little money and took all the profits for themselves.

3 Goals of Co-Impact Sourcing

Product Responsibility – keeping up with the demand of essential oil users is a huge challenge, especially when our company refuses to compromise on quality. As the growers gain trust, they learn more to improve the quality of the oils.

Plants Responsibility – they have a responsibility to ensure that the essential oils are available in the future – so that means they are helping the growers think ahead to the future and responsibly maintain their land. In the past, many of the growers were barely surviving and making poor long-term decisions in an effort to survive. Now they can implement practices to increase their yield while also maintaining the land for future use.

People Responsibility – The goal of co-impact sourcing is to get more money in the pockets of the people actually doing the work. They pay throughout the year so that the growers can buy food and proper equipment.

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