How Often Should I Apply Essential Oils?How Often Should I Apply Essential Oils?
When first starting to use essential oils, you should proceed with caution. Essential Oils can be very safe, as long as you follow these precautions:

      • Dilute with a carrier oil (coconut oil) for topical and internal use

      • The feet are the safest part of the body

      • Avoid eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas of the body

      • Remember that less more often is more effective

      • Do a patch test on the skin

If you put the carrier oil on first, it will slow down the absorption rate in to the body. If you put the carrier oil on second, it will speed up the absorption rate. Or you can dilute before you apply, like in a roller bottle or capsule.

Usage in ANY Context is Systemic

How fast does the liver "process" an essential oil?

      • Liver – breaks down every essential oil utilized

      • The larger the quantity the more the liver has to deal with. Less oils more frequently is always better

      • Times it takes to break down? (varied opinions from 30-120 minutes)

      • Excessive use at one given time can reduce the effects of that oil

Quality vs. Quantity
Less more often is the best philosophy. The action of an essential oil depends on its relative concentrations of each constituent.

How Much of an Essential Oil(s) does one Use?
A couple drops, a couple times per day on and around you is a great way to start. Consider body weight, size, age, sensitivity, usage experience, personality and history.

Using Essential Oils Topically
In a Massage: Massage is one of the most enjoyable ways to use essential oils topically. Massaging the oils into joints, muscles, and tissues is relaxing and beneficial. Always move toward the heart when working on the arms and legs and avoid a heavy hand, or moving over the spine or other sensitive areas, with too much pressure.

Over the Area of Concern: The next option is to apply the oils to the chest, the abdomen, back of the neck, or directly over the area of concern (diluted as indicated). You can also apply to the energy centers of the body.

Over the Reflex Points: The best, most effective, and yet gentlest option for how to use essential oils, especially for sensitive skin, children, or elderly, is to apply the oils to the reflex points of the feet, hands, and even ears (dilute as needed). The feet especially are beneficial because they still quickly the oil into the blood stream, but they are tough enough to make the likelihood of irritation much less if your skin is prone to reactions, and they are easy to cover if you don't like the aroma or if you're applying to a child and don't want them touching it (cover their feet with socks).

The reflex points of the hands and feet also correspond to the different areas of the body by way of the nervous system. Learning how to use essential oils is made easier with visual guides to reflexology to understand which reflex points to massage the oil into based on the area of the body you wish to support. Follow these guides below:

Foot ReflexologyHand Reflexology

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  1. The recommended dose for helhtay adults and most preparations is 1000mg per day. However, this depends in part on the preparation always read the label or leaflet!If in doubt, discuss this with your doctor. Personally I have lipid issues for genetic reasons and I take 4000mg of Omacor a day, but with a prescription. I wouldn’t go above the recommended daily dose of your preparation, unless your doctor tells you to.

    1. I do agree that essential oils, supplements and clean personal use products will definitely help someone recover from many health ailments. As long as these products are used on a daily basis, replacing all the toxic-filled products sold in our local stores.

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