Save Money Using Essential Oils

Save Money by Using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Selecting high quality essential oils that exceed the industry standards will SAVE MONEY because of these strict standards. Since the oils are more potent, we use FAR less than we would with other brands. Using 3-4 drops of the store-bought lavender means running through that bottle faster. My brand generally requires 1 drop of a High Quality Essential Oil (sometimes less when 1 drop is diluted in a teaspoon of coconut oil). I am still working through the same bottles of oils that I have used daily for months!

They are more effective in supporting our overall health since they are more pure. Since we feel great, we have more time and energy to do things we love. Nothing drains money like feeling terrible all the time (think loss in productive time, less brain power, too much stress). It is still an upfront investment and these oils DO cost more.

Why are Some Essential Oils Cheaper?
The reason High Quality Essential Oils cost more is because they are sourced from around the world and carefully tested to have the correct chemical compounds. They are certified not to have anything added to them. Other companies get away with saying they are pure by adding lesser quality oils in with the more expensive oils so they are still “pure”. Pure oils are much stronger and more effective. Many the oils have been tested to be taken internally.

Most other distributors of essential oils buy them from a middle man. They have no control over the quality. It is very important where the plants are grown and it’s the MOST unique difference. The Essential Oil source I use will only source plants from their biological regions, meaning they won’t grow Frankincense in the US where it doesn’t thrive and therefore doesn’t produce the most potent essential oil. They only source Frankincense from Oman. My essential oil source does chemical analysis on every location around the world where the plants are traditionally grown and compares all the chemicals to find the location that has the best chemical compounds. This ensures a product with nothing added. Then the plants are grown by growers who know what they are doing and have been doing it for years. My source works ethically in other countries, ensuring fair wages and work conditions. Slave labor is cheap, but it’s not in alignment with this company’s values.

Many of the oils I use are safe to take internally. Many companies can’t promise this because of the fillers in their products and their oils may be high in chemicals you wouldn’t want to take internally and they don’t know for sure since they don’t have the high standards that my brand does.

Many say some high grade essential oils cost more because they are an MLM. Having Wellness Advocates is just a way to market their oils and they can guide you on how to use the oils. You can’t put instructions on a bottle and put them on a shelf in a box store. Companies spend billions of dollars on advertising to huge corporations, plus there are tons of middle men and transportation charges so the argument that they cost more because the oil is from an MLM is just uneducated. It’s actually really good that the oil is from an MLM because the money gets in the hands of regular people who get paid to help others feel better and can provide value to users and in turn be rewarded for their efforts.

All that being said, friends don’t let friends pay retail. If you’re going to be using more than one oil over the span of your life, then get in contact with me and I can share with you how to get these oils for a discounted price, wholesale, or even how to earn them for free.

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