Peppermint Essential Oil for Pre-WorkoutEssential Oils for a Pre Workout Routine
Did you know that using essential oils for a pre-workout routine can help promote a more effective exercise experience?

Whether you’re working out at the gym, going for a light jog or playing organized sports you can use essential oils and supplements to make your workouts far more rewarding.

Why Use Essential Oils for a Pre-Workout Routine?

  • Achieve more endurance

  • Improve energy levels

  • Promote improved muscle recovery

  • Increase thermogenics in your body

  • Improve alertness

Which Essential Oils Can I Use Prior to Working Out?
A recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers looked at the effect of peppermint oil on running performance. In the study they used .05ml of peppermint oil in a drink, consumed each day for ten consecutive days. They tested participants before and after peppermint consumption for various indicators of cardiovascular performance.

The results were actually pretty surprising. You might expect a boost, but the extent that peppermint consumption improved performance was considerable. The amount of total work performed by the test subjects was increased by a whopping 51%, including an increase in the time to exhaustion of about 25%. So not only did the subjects go for a quarter longer than they did without the peppermint oil, their work rate per unit time was higher too. In other words, they went faster for longer.

Lemongrass Essential Oil
May support thermogenics in the body, due to its high levels of citral.

Metabolic Essential Oil Blend
Helps support energy and an uplifting mood. Contains a mixture of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon.

Peppermint Essential Oil
May support digestion, as well as mental focus and concentration when taken orally. Soothes sore muscles when applied topically.

Importance of a Pre-Workout Routine
Now it’s time to warm up for your workout. If you find your muscles sore from the previous day’s exercise regimen try using several drops of Peppermint essential oil. Peppermint helps support and soothe minor soreness or discomfort.Taking the time to warm up prior to any workout helps minimize the possibility of injury. It also helps ensure a more effective overall workout.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and stretch during your pre-workout routine.

Add in the above essential oils for a pre-workout routine and you give your body an added advantage for support, energy and successful recovery.

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